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His angular deal with and you may distinctly feline actions differentiate your on the most other clients

His angular deal with and you may distinctly feline actions differentiate your on the most other clients

He has a thin generate and you may nimble fingers, ideal for plucking the fresh strings away from his lute if the really love takes him

Vieri Barboro NE men half of-elf Bard (thrall) This aloof bard work within tavern which can be frequently viewed tuning an effective lute the guy rarely takes on. Vieri’s secret is that he could be a spy and the bodily indication of the brand new tavern’s strength, and therefore extends to influence through the years and you can place. Whilst not an income animal, he could be most attracted to Fantasies Hop out-a highly addictive compound which makes distortions of feeling. Vieri are pallid having raven-black colored hair that he often wears tied up back out-of his deal with. Like many halfelves, he has somewhat indicated ears and you will darkvision. He has steely gray vision set off by green veins that radiate all over his deal with. Vieri offers a pocket of Ambitions Get-off you to definitely replenishes itself on the conclusion each and every day. Vieri’s statistics can be found on webpage 234.

Bryn Harjolf has the statistics off good knight. However usually he is in keeping clothing instead regarding dish (Air-conditioning ten). He and additionally fights with his enchanted greatsword.

Firearm (greatsword), rare (need attunement) The fresh new wielder associated with blade increases +1 so you can attack and you can ruin rolls made out of which secret firearm. On top of that, when you’re adjusted to that particular gun, the users rates try increased by the 5 ft and they’ve got advantage on step moves. Curse. Which greatsword is actually cursed, and you may to-be adjusted to they offers the curse for the adjusted. Provided the latest curse continues to be the owner is reluctant 223

Jarah is renowned for the girl sleight-of-hand, taught to this lady by Vieri Barboro

stylish. He’s the most recent captive of one’s tavern, caught specific 40 years before. He idolises individuals who resemble the fresh heroes in his favorite book.

Jarah is actually an old 100 % free Swords thug to possess hire which have a great small state of mind. She finds the lady captivity painful and you will likes to admission the time of the betting or doing sipping online game. She hates Bryn and you can publicly mistrusts your. In treat, she likes a two-given high axe one she sells slung around the the lady right back.

Mouse is actually slight for his years-that is limited in reality, due to the fact an early halfling-with blonde, wild hair and you may good cherubic deal with. He has brownish eyes and you will quite pointed ears. He wears a set of patched pants that have suspenders and you will a beneficial sagging shirt, clearly designed for an individual son bigger than just themselves.

Jarah have a stocky build, that’s the only patron to face taller than just Bryn. Since the a half-orc, she’s got greyish skin and you can a robust, sticking out jaw, although the remainder of their face try decidedly women. This lady has a proper-muscled human anatomy away from numerous years of knowledge together with her greataxe, and you will a thick black plait that she wears down her straight back. Jarah provides the statistics from an experienced but she uses a good great axe in lieu of virtually any weapon (greataxe. Melee Firearm Assault: +5 to hit, arrive at 5ft., you to definitely target. Hit: 9 (1d12 + 3) slashing destroy), that’s in accordance attire most go out (Air-conditioning 11).

Aren N men people Thief Aren and his about three underlings try people in this new Ebon Syndicate (all four feel the stats out-of a spy). They value coin above all else, and would happily trigger one another for the ideal price. They admission their captivity because of the gambling and you may participating in almost every other games off opportunity, and always bet in order to victory, possibly facing their ideal judgement. Aren have a poor looks and you may rough articulation, more than likely caused by being brought up from inside the one of thieves out of an early age. Aren are lean and you will quick statured of many years of malnutrition, it is the truth is nimble into his legs and you may an adept lockpick. He’s got lank brown tresses and you can environmentally friendly eyes, and you can a tat of your own Hawk Moth symbol into the their boobs. They are tanned off several years of taking up weird work so you’re able to spend his method from cities regarding Etharis, and contact anybody else having a crude Preferred highlight.

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